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Title: Stairville par36 Not working.
Post by: Groovetrain on August 21, 2010, 06:22:36 PM
Hi I used this program a few months ago to use the parcans below. However plugging them in today, the program doesn't seem to run them at all, not even a flicker yet it will run with a standard DMX controller. Is it possible to double check the file for them and confirm that it is something we are doing wrong and not the file.

Stairville Par-36

I can't seem to get the manual online anywhere for this but I can tell you channels that they have from the manual at home.

Channel 1
0-63      RGB control,CH2=red,CH3=green, CH4=blue
64-127      7 colour fade, CH5=speed control
128-191      7 colour change, CH5=speed control
192-255      3 colour change, CH5=speed control

Channel 2
0-255      Red colour 0%-100%
Channel 3
0-255      Green colour 0%-100%
Channel 4
0-255      Blue colour 0%-100%

Channel 5
0-10      no function, no speed
11-100      value 11 to 100, fast speed to low speed
101-150      no function, no speed
151-255      speed control by unit, by music or VAR

Thanx again
Title: Re: Stairville par36 Not working.
Post by: Maarten Engels on August 23, 2010, 10:14:21 AM

which version of Cuelux did you use?

I realize there is a bug in the v1.03.2 beta version that will prevent this light from working. The latest stable version 1.02.13 should work fine though...