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Title: Cuety v1.2.8
Post by: Dennis Kromhout on June 07, 2012, 03:43:33 PM

Please download ( Cuety v1.2.8 to upgrade your CueCore an IoCore to the latest firmware.

Release notes:
CueCore v1.30 : - Spectrum-feature in DMX-task did not work correctly.
CueCore v1.29 : - Recorder-task now has Toggle-function in Playstate-feature
                - 'Switch' function for Recorder and DMX tasks.
                - You could not select a actionlist in parameter 1 of a actionlist- or
                  action task.
                - Changing the WeekdayAndTime trigger did not work in some cases
                - Data refresh issue solved for Internet Explorer
CueCore v1.28 : - Functions 'Universe A' and 'Universe B' were missing for the DMX
                  and ArtNet tasks.
                - DMX Input did not read channels 511 and 512
                - TouchScreen ColourPicker did not work
                - Testing action by using the 'execute' button did not take into account
                  the 'trigger flank' setting.
IoCore v1.02  : - Actions were not stored in the backup.