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Title: Addresses
Post by: Ecksteinmaakwerk on August 17, 2015, 03:58:15 PM
Hi There,

I have the Cuety and now I have bought new lamps.
I did hang them in my theatre as follows:
Fixture 1: Ayra Compar 20
Fixture 2: American DJ Inno Pocket spot
Fixture 3: idem
Fixture 4: Ayra Compar 20
Fixture 5: idem
Fixture 6: Idem
Fixture 7: idem
Fixture 8: Idem

Somehow I did not manage to get them on the right address: Lamp 1 is not responding, nor are the others. But some lamps do rwact but not in the way they must....

In the manual of the Compar is is siad that is has 6 channels, but in the Cuetylist it says either 3 or 7 channels

In the manual of the Inno Pocket spot (A moving head) it gives the possibility of 11 or 9 channels.

How come it does not work?

Kind regards

Title: Re: Addresses
Post by: Maarten Engels on August 24, 2015, 03:41:09 PM
hi Peter,

I just checked our personality library; both fixtures are implemented according their manual.

The Ayra Compar 20 has amongst others a 6-channel mode.
The Inno Pocket Spot features a 9 and 11 channel mode.