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Title: I'm i proceeding correctly
Post by: ginkelb on August 15, 2016, 12:39:37 PM
Hi Guys,

i have been asked to work in the lighting plan for a festival we do in the woods of Drenthe every September. It's a magical place that we always try to enhance with the lighting situation. Up untill now we have always used a static lighting solution, and i really want to change that. But have to work within a budget, and less is always better.

Our lighting supplier is lichtpunt ( in Groningen and i saw they had a Visual Productions Cue Core in their rental assortment. The problem with a real lighttable is the facts that their expensive and a bit to fragile for my liking.

Am i correct in the following assumptions i've made:

Is it possible to programm CueLux(PRO) before going into the woods without light attached? If i can only start building programs in the woods it'll take me way to long since i'm a NOOB at this. ;)

Af few images to show what we're up to:

Title: Re: I'm i proceeding correctly
Post by: Zoë Castle on August 15, 2016, 02:23:39 PM
Hi Bas

Great pictures, you will certainly be able to program, store and playback similar effects with the CueCore.

If I were you I would contact Lichtpunts' Sander Bloem for technical advice on programming of the CueCore in detail.  However your assumptions are correct. 
A couple of notes for you:
1 you can use the onboard comandline interface for programming
2 you can use the CueluxPro software (download from our website) for programming and "dump" it in the CueCore
3 or you can use a third party desk and record your programming into the CueCore
4 you can consider to use the the OSC protocol to work with for example TouchOSC app in order to playback the stored scenes
5 you can reprogram as much as you like in CueluxPro and save the show files.  It certainly could save time especially if you set up some groups and pallets for easy access to colours etc.

Good luck and please do share the results with me: zoe (at) visualproductions (dot) nl!

greetings Zoë