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Title: added device
Post by: rfx on December 05, 2016, 06:59:43 PM
I've got a question about the chase effects in Cuelux.
I have already an existing chase effect consisting out of 2 devices which are exactly the same.
Now I want to add another device, also the same type.
What do I have to do to add it?

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Title: Re: added device
Post by: Klaus on December 05, 2016, 10:33:10 PM
I asked a similar question here and was told it's better not to edit the chase but create a new oneā€¦
Now I allow myself to ask
why ?

Title: Re: added device
Post by: Julien Levaufre on December 06, 2016, 11:04:06 AM
for 2 fixtures you can easily create a new cue as any cue and then insert in your chase, to be sure that the result will be exactly as you want, think about loading the last cue of you chase...
When it's more than 2 or 3 fixtures it's often easier to create the chase back with only a few clicks instead of creating the missing cue that will take more clicks and brain, for a result that may not be as expected:!