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Title: Mac OS Mojave Kiosk Editor and Kiosk App Bugs
Post by: kernfusion on April 28, 2019, 06:27:42 PM
Hello to the Netherlands 8)

Well I just worked again with the newest Kiosk Editor Software as well as Kiosk App with the newest Mac Releases. Sorry but I have to say that the Editor Software has many bugs and problems. More than in the Past I guess. Way?

- I had several Crashes with Kiosk Editor. Sometimes after open the Editor Software.
- After Copy/Paste Pages with OSC Commands, I have always reopen the Editor Software. Otherwise the OSC Commands are not stored in the new Page.
- If I open an older editor Showfile, the Fader and Rate OSC commands are not working with the new Cuecore. You need to reimport the Faders ect.
- Transparency is not working correct with the actual Editor release. In the past it was working correct.
- Kiosk in Remote Mode and open Editor Software shows only on the first Page the Background Image. We have for all 4 Pages a different Background imported. On Editor software it shows it correct.
- Same Problem after I stored the Kiosk File and open it in Kiosk App. NO Background visible on all 4 Pages.
- Rate Encoder Wheels is showing 0% Speed  not in the Middle of the Encoder anymore. This is not normal and in the Past it was correct.
- Rate Encoder Wheels is overlay the % Grafic in the Middle after changing the value. So i can not see anymore how many Speed % I have.
- Faders as Dimmer Value should be Default as 1 (100% Value) Not possible to store it after I but 1 in the Remote Software. If i open it in Kiosk App it is always at 0%
- vManager open in Mojave is not usable. It has big Grafic issues.

Overall the last Releases of Kiosk App and Editor Software was made 8-9 Month ago. That's is along long time ago. If the Product is working correctly, then I guess you are probably working on new innovations and great new Possibility:-)

But with this amount of Problems and Bugs, I think you should do a Release with bugfixes as quick as possible.

I hope you understand my problem, because we have cool projects and should be realized if possible with cool products like those of you 8)
But time is running!


Title: Re: Mac OS Mojave Kiosk Editor and Kiosk App Bugs
Post by: Bootsy van der Zande on April 29, 2019, 09:57:03 AM
Hello Matthias!

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this much bugs. We are aware that Kiosc / Editor needs a lot of work... And don't worry, it will get fixed.
It has been a long time since the last release, that is true. We've been working on a new project that took up a lot of time.
But recently we've had the chance to update some other things that really needed our attention, and Kiosc / Editor will follow soon.
I've written down all the bugs you mentioned, and will pass it to the developers. 
-Is there a chance you can share the showfiles you used? I'm mainly interested in the older file that doesn't load as it should.
-Could you share a picture of the vManager graphic issues? Which version are you running?

Thank you for all your feedback! It is much appreciated.