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Title: Multiple Touch controllers
Post by: Dynamic on July 03, 2008, 11:43:42 AM
Hi is it possible to have two different touch screens controlling different groups of fixtures on the same visualdmx program, for instance one controller for one room and one for another?
Title: Re: Multiple Touch controllers
Post by: Jeroen van der Velden on July 03, 2008, 11:55:27 AM

It is possible to connect multiple instances of VisualTouch to one VisualDMX-system. VisualTouch connects to VisualDMX using a TCP/IP-based protocol - that will allow VisualTouch to run on other computers (can be simple, cheap computers because they only have to run the VisualTouch user-interface) and connect to the VisualDMX main-system through a normal network-connection.

Another possibility is to run 2 instances of VisualTouch on one computer (with 2 touchscreen monitors setup), but because of the way normal touchscreens work (emulating your mouse), this will not allow you to press a button on both screens at the same time.

In the latest version of VisualTouch, you're able to select from which touch-screen Action List the VisualTouch-software reads the Actions. This new feature enables you to create an Action List per area/room and choose which list to display per VisualTouch-instance.