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Title: Launching an external program (e.g. VisualTouch)
Post by: Maarten Engels on November 20, 2008, 04:51:53 PM
With release 1.06 build 3 we have implemented a feature to launch external programs from the action editor.

This feature is particular useful when Canvix is used in combination with VisualTouch. When both set to startup automatically at windows' boot, then VisualTouch will be finished booting earlier then Canvix. This will result in Canvix being application 'on top' hiding VisualTouch; which in should be the other way around.
Now you can set Canvix to be the only program to startup automatically and program in an action to launch VisualTouch on the 'startup' event that is triggered as soon as Canvix has finished booting.

How to program such an action:
- Set Canvix to startup automatically (options-general)
- Set VisualTouch not to startup automatically
- In canvix, go to the action editor and add a action list with type 'System'
- Select this new action list and insert a new action.
- select this new action and click on the 'edit' button
- leave the trigger on 'Startup'
- add a task of type 'Special'
- select this new task and click on the 'edit' button
- set the feature to 'Run program'
- click on Param 1's 'change' button and type in the full path to the app's executable (e.g. "C:/Program Files/Visual Productions/VisualTouch10213")