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Title: Wireless interface
Post by: ljos on November 05, 2020, 11:20:00 AM
So two questions:

Could VP add a wifi access point in the units, so we can get the interface up directly on our mobile computing units, that are so popular among kids these days? iPad, iPod, iTelephone, those units.

Or has anyone found a solution to adding a simple wireless solution without having to install a NUC/PC in the rack?

Or, lastly - how can I port forward (or whatnot) to directly log on to an internet-connected Cue/Quad/IoCore, without a NUC or PC around?
Title: Re: Wireless interface
Post by: Bootsy van der Zande on November 05, 2020, 06:28:39 PM
Hi jamte,

I don't think VP will add wifi to any device soon. I believe the idea is that we want to focus on "our' part of the device, and leave the networking to the manufacturers that focus on networking.

What exactly do you want to achieve? I am not sure why you would need a NUC/PC in the rack. Any access point should do the trick, right?

For external access to a device you will need to forward a UDP port of your choice to the IP of the device, using port 80. You should then be able to access the device using the ip and port you choose. Just enter the IP and port in your browser. When using port 90, you would enter:
(And in your router you forward UDP port 90 to port 80 on the device IP)
Be aware that anyone can access the device this way. Be sure to set a password to the device and change the core prefix for the API to make it a little less easy to change your lights or settings.

It is better to look into a VPN, but that can be a bit complicated.

Title: Re: Wireless interface
Post by: ljos on November 12, 2020, 11:08:06 AM

I guess my pitch was two-pronged if not more :)
First: A wifi card would be great for local checkups, when you don´t wanna leave a router in the electrician´s rack, and the room is locked anyway. Also, PoE switch plus wireless router, too many boxes.

Second: Looking for secure remote access solutions, something easier than NUC + Router. Maybe a 4G PoE router and VPN is the solution? Has anyone done something like that?

I just wanna avoid too many boxes in the electrician´s rack, where we often end up having to install things.
Title: Re: Wireless interface
Post by: Bootsy van der Zande on November 12, 2020, 12:05:37 PM
Hi jamte,

I understand, but unfortunately there are no plans for it as far as I know. Instead of the PoE router you could use the DC power for the CueCore2, this saves one box possible...

As long as you use a router that can make a VPN connection itself, I think it should work. I have tried it once, but I had some issues with the router I was using. I was using a separate 4g router and managed switch. I will give it another attempt.

Do you have a router in mind already?