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Title: Cues etc.
Post by: johannes on June 08, 2009, 03:45:06 PM

After spending some time on testing cue-programming, I'm very glad how easy it is to programm a cue / chase / stack.
Makes work more easier and faster.
But I would be very happy if you introduce one more option for the cues like HTP and LTP.
HTP - Highest takes priority
LTP - Latest takes priority
I think that all cues actually work with HTP.
With that option you could handles changes while working in a show etc. or fading to another scene ...
Maybe you are able to programm, that you can put channels (Pan & Tilt for example) on HTP / LTP (so latest-activated shape takes priority)  or whole cues or cuelists.

I would be very very glad to find this feature in the next release.

greetings johannes
Title: Re: Cues etc.
Post by: johannes on June 08, 2009, 05:16:56 PM

found another question:
how is it possible to work with wash-movinglights with CMY, cause there are only faders for RGB, but not for CMY?

greetings johannes
Title: Re: Cues etc.
Post by: Maarten Engels on June 09, 2009, 08:42:21 AM
hi Johannes,

Thanks for your positive feedback. The cue-lists in Cuelux already work on the principles of HTP and LTP. The Dimmer and ColourMix attributes are merged according to HTP, all other attributes are LTP. The philosophy behind Cuelux is to make things simpler, so the HTP/LTP settings not user-configurable.

Regarding the CMY fixtures; you can simply control them using the RGB faders. Cuelux will translate the RGB value to a CMY value (quite easy, just invert) and send it to the washlight.
Title: Re: Cues etc.
Post by: johannes on June 09, 2009, 06:22:17 PM

can you send me an overview over the Midichannels (CC-Numbers) where the Cuelux Buttons and Faders work on?
I need it to programm my midi-controller on it.

I've found out that only the faders work and the go & Flash buttons work with Midi.
Is it possible to make a Midicontroller work with another fader / Button (e.g. Blackout, playbackbuttons on top, faders in the beam / colour / effect section or the master fader) as well?

greetings johannes

*totally crazy about cuelux ...*
Title: Re: Cues etc.
Post by: Maarten Engels on June 10, 2009, 09:41:27 AM

Actual our MIDI mapping works the other round: We don't match the MIDI board settings to suit Cuelux, we create a file that tells Cuelux what the MIDI boards settings are. For example, if you have a look in the 'midimaps' you'll see a collection of XML files mapping the boards MIDI messages to events in Cuelux. We tend to use the 'factory default' of the MIDI board as much as possible. If we do need change the board's default preset to enhance the user experience (like with the BCF-2000), then we include the modified preset as a sysex dump in the 'sysex' folder of Cuelux.

So, you could ofcourse set your MIDI board to behave like one of the boards we have already supported by reading its XML file. Better would be to create a new XML file specially for your MIDI controller and insert it into the 'midimaps' folder and restart Cuelux.

Just before you dig into the techie details of the XML file, you could just send us the manual of your MIDI board and we would be very happy to create a mapping file for you. (It helps us creating a nicely impressive list of MIDI board supported by Cuelux ;)