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Title: Fadetime between Playback-Buttons in Cuety App
Post by: pmh on January 13, 2021, 09:52:10 AM
I hope that I don’t ask a question that ist already answered 100 times. I didn’t find an answer in the forum.
I am no technician but just an actor with an theatre moving around in a truck. (
We are two actors and we control our lights during the show with the LPU and an iPad. It works well but we have a little issue with the fade-in / crossfade behavior.

We have created cues on different Playback-Buttons. On each button is only one cue. (That is because we have some of the cues different times and we are both controlling the lights during the show. In this way we can always directly jump to the scene we need, even if we are not in the right order. (If we would have created a cuelist in only one Playback-Button, and we miss one cue, we would have a problem to find out where we are. It also would be difficult to jump back.))

Now the problem: Some cues are brighter than others. When we change from one cue to another sometimes the light fades out almost completely  before the new one fades in. So it becomes a moment almost dark before the new one comes in.

We had the idea to make the fade-out-time from one cue (button) longer than fade-in-time of the next one. But I don’t succeed. (I understand that usually you would do this in one playback button between the cues but we don’t want this for the reasons explained before.)
Is it possible to program the fade-in and fade-out time between different playback-buttons?
Thank you very much for an hint!

Antwort auch gern auf Deutsch!
Title: Re: Fadetime between Playback-Buttons in Cuety App
Post by: Bootsy van der Zande on January 20, 2021, 12:13:13 PM

Thank you for the nice and clear explanation. I do still have two small questions...
-Do you have an LPU-1 or LPU-2?
-Are you manually releasing the other playbacks, leaving them on, or using the exclusive mode?

I'm afraid I don't have an LPU here, so I can't check right now...