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Title: Kiosc File Transfer to Ipad
Post by: cburnage on May 10, 2021, 05:13:32 PM

Is there a way to load the Kiosc file onto an Ipad without using the network?

We are working remotely and there is no PC on site to be able to host the new file once completed. The venue want the ability to update the files and for them to be on serval devices so the only way for this to work is for us to be able to email them the .kiosc file.

I've looked through the guide which hints at it being possible but maybe slightly inconvenient.

Can anyone elaborate on the best way for this to be achieved?

Title: Re: Kiosc File Transfer to Ipad
Post by: Bootsy van der Zande on May 11, 2021, 09:30:44 AM

To transfer the file from a recent version of macOS to an iPad, you can open the iPad in Finder and navigate to the Kiosc app. Then you can simply drag and drop the showfile.

From Windows it can be done using iTunes I believe, it is a bit less convenient but it should also work.

There is no real straight answer, because it depends on the model of iPad and version of operating system...