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CueCore, QuadCore, IoCore, TimeCore & B-Station / Re: TCP Tunnel Ports
« Last post by cvale on September 23, 2020, 07:06:52 PM »
Hi, will reply by email.
Thank you for your help

Yes, you can use the Actionlist "System" for this in ShowControl. Add an Action to this list, the trigger should be "System Startup". Now you can add a "Playback" task. This task will be executed when the device is powered on. The "Playback" task can be set to various things, I guess you would need either a "Go+" or a "Jump" command.

CueluxPro / Re: Please help. Method to save from CulexPro to QuadCore internal memory
« Last post by grooberer on September 18, 2020, 01:29:16 PM »
One small question. Sorry for offtop.
Is it possible to launch the Playbacks, if the QuadCore`s power was Off, and then On after a time?

Thank you.
Great to hear that!

I try to be on the forums daily :) (Although I do sometimes forget to check) So if you ever have any questions, feel free to post!

CueluxPro / Re: Please help. Method to save from CulexPro to QuadCore internal memory
« Last post by grooberer on September 18, 2020, 08:54:48 AM »
Hi !

Thank you very much. Took all the steps you discribed. Everything works just fine. Your help was just at time. I have 3 hours to send my work )))).

The day before I saved my data to the memory. All "Master" universes OFF in CulexPro. And I don`t know how, but in the Monitor tab of MyQuadCore saw that is signal in sACN inputs. So I recorded it to the track using manual mode and sACN as the source. Some time spent to catch the time, so the loop to become good. It was wrong, but better than nothing.

So THANK YOU one more time. I wasn`t expecting your help so fast ))).

Grate product, grate support !!! All the best to you and your team.
Builder & Personality file requests / Re: Cameo Root Par 6 File Request
« Last post by Julien Levaufre on September 18, 2020, 07:47:08 AM »
Please find your fixture file included,
Enjoy ;)
Builder & Personality file requests / Cameo Root Par 6 File Request
« Last post by SymenvanMonat on September 17, 2020, 06:17:28 PM »

Im looking for the DMX File for the Cameo Root Par 6 LED PAR.

Who can help?

Best Regards

Hi, and welcome!

You can dump a cuelist to a QuadCore using the Dump button. CueluxPro will try to calculate the right timing for the list to loop nicely. This is not always possible, depending on what you have in the Cuelist. For example, you should only use 1 effect in there. Otherwise the effects don't line up correctly of course, so there will never be a perfect loop.

Anyway, these are the steps to dump a Cuelist in the QuadCore. Make sure you are mastering the QuadCore, and the number of tracks is set correctly on the settings page of the QuadCore. (Changing this number deletes all tracks because of memory arrangement. More tracks means less space per track, less tracks equals more storage space per track)

-Make sure you first start the playback, so you won't dump a fade-in or black frame.
-Press the Dump button in CueluxPro.
-Now press the Play button of the Cuelist you want to dump.
-Type the number of the track you want to dump the Cuelist in.
-Press Enter/Return.

A dialog will now open to finish the dumping process. You can choose the DMX refresh rate, a lower refresh rate might be needed if the Cuelist you want to dump does not fit in the tracksize that comes with the number of tracks you have selected. If it fits, a higher refresh rate is better of course. The "Isolate channels" option will change what gets dumped into the track and what not. If not selected, Default values for fixtures (like shutter and pan/tilt) wil also be dumped. This will give you a track that that is exactly like you see it on CueluxPro. However, sometimes you wish to control these values in different tracks. In that case you need to select "Isolate channels". But be warned, if you have a shutter value, you will have to make sure that the shutter is not closed when playing back the track in the QuadCore. I would try not selecting "Isolate channels" first.

When you succeeded in dumping a track, you can turn of the "Master" option for all the universes of the QuadCore in Patch -> Universes. Now if you browse to the QuadCore's IP, you can open the track page, select the track you have dumped, and enable "Track Preview" on the right. You should see the track playing over the fixtures now.

After that you will need to setup the playback page to actually play the tracks. After that, you have to setup how to control the playbacks (starting a playback on system startup for example, or using external controls) in the ShowControl page of the QuadCore. If you need any help with this you are welcome to ask here on the forums. Make sure you give a good description of what you want to achieve, and I will help you with it.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask!

CueCore, QuadCore, IoCore, TimeCore & B-Station / Re: TCP Tunnel Ports
« Last post by Bootsy van der Zande on September 17, 2020, 04:27:49 PM »

Always great to hear that the number of units you deploy is increasing :) What is the company name, if I may ask? You are also welcome to email me at support at visualproductions dot nl

Can you explain a bit more what you want to achieve with the TCP tunnels? Which functionality of the devices would you need to access/use?

Depending on what you need, port 80 and 16945 might be enough indeed. 

CueluxPro / Please help. Method to save from CulexPro to QuadCore internal memory
« Last post by grooberer on September 16, 2020, 08:37:18 PM »
Hi to all !
I`m a new user of QuadCore via CulexPro. Brend-new  8)
Do not know too much in this technologies. Just at work told me "need to do". So i`m trying. But there is a problem. I`ve created scenes, that works just fine with my pixels. But need to save it to the built-in memory of QuadCore to launch all my scenes in a Stand Alone mode. Otherwise I need a PC with CulexPro, but need to work without it. Realy don`t know how to do this. Looked at this forum. Didn`t find anything. May be just do not know where and what to search.

Please help guys! Is there any easy way to reach my purpose? Do not have prety much time to finish this mission (((
Thank you.
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