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Hi Dennis,

Regarding the double trigger, I think that might be a trigger flank thing. What UDP message do you send, and do you have the trigger flank set to down?

About the RS232 command... Can you share the showfile with me, and do you have a manual or something for the RS232 commands for the Christie projector? I will have a look.

Great, thank you for feedback!
Cuelux / Re: Playbuttons?
« Last post by Daan1974 on March 24, 2020, 06:38:31 PM »

But i have found another way.

I have bundled the 2 buttons, then it's not possible to select both buttons at the same time.
Also i have set the releasetime on the cue's to 30 secs and deselected the loop.

Then thay become inactive in 30 seconds..

Cuelux / Re: Playbuttons?
« Last post by Bootsy van der Zande on March 24, 2020, 03:38:14 PM »
Dear Daniel,

You can do this by creating a cuelist, and using the 'Follow' and 'Halt' modes for the two cues. See the attached image.

Create cue 1 with the switchpack ON.
Create cue 2 with the switchpack OFF.

Good luck!

Cuelux / Playbuttons?
« Last post by Daan1974 on March 24, 2020, 12:44:39 PM »

Is it possible to automaticly set a playbutton inactive after certain period of time?
Say: i have an electric beamer screen and this screen takes 30 seconds to come down.
After that 30 secs i want the cue to stop automaticly because i can not activate both outputs onn the switchpack (screen up and screen down) at the same time..

Builder & Personality file requests / Re: Fixture Request: Showtec RP-405 MKII
« Last post by Daan1974 on March 24, 2020, 12:40:40 PM »
Works!! Thanks
Hi Bootsy,

I'm triggering it with an UDP command from an Ecler Touch Screen.
I don't think the double trigger is the problem, but it's the only difference with sending from a laptop, witch works perfect.

I've contacted a lot with Christie about the problem and tried almost everything.
It's works with RS232 software on a laptop, so they think it's the signal from the IoCore.
We've placed the IoCore directly near the projector for the test. Every RS232 signal works, but the power on command still doesn't work.
The IoCore has the latest firmware.

Hi Dennis,

How are you triggering the commands? When using the 'Execute' button, it triggers the command when pressing and when releasing the button. So it triggers twice that way. I'm afraid there is no way around that...
Another possible cause is having the trigger flank set to 'Change'. That could mean it triggers twice. If that is the case you can set the trigger flank to 'Down' to have it only trigger once.

What did the Christie reseller say about the issue?

Hello Guido,

It's been a while, but this problem hasn't been fixed yet.
Maybe you can help me with the following new information.

The projector On command by RS232 doesn't work. All other commands to the projector are working perfect.
I've monitored the output signal of the IoCore and I saw it is sending every RS232 string/command twice.
That's the only difference I see on the output signal of a terminal RS232 software on a laptop and the IoCore.
Do you know why it is sending all the commands twice?

Best regards,
Cuelux / Re: Make Cuelux starting really fast again (as in the past)
« Last post by Bootsy van der Zande on March 23, 2020, 04:29:14 PM »
Hi Toby,

Thank you for your guide. It is definitely the loading of the personalities and showfile that makes Cuelux slow down.

I will put your suggestions about what to load on startup and what to load when opening the patch view on the wishlist. This might be a very big change in the software though...

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