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Author Topic: Status of VisualDMX for Mac OS X  (Read 15194 times)

September 13, 2011, 03:28:41 AM
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This post has scared me a little when you speak of new hardware in April. I hope our existing hardware will be compatible when VDMX 2 arrives.

Sadly I was unable to arrange a trip down to Plasa this year however I do like the sound of what's coming and appreciate that these things are taking longer than anticipated.

Once again, are you able to divulge anything relating to my previous comment re compatability.

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September 17, 2011, 02:19:49 PM
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Maarten Engels

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hi Ross,

Sorry things are taking longer for VDMX2. No final decisions have yet been made. I will inform you nearer the time.
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV

December 06, 2011, 09:35:19 AM
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A software controller needs some sort of dongle and DMX interface to go with it, so it better be a box with lots of connections and even standalone capabilities. At least, that's our reasoning.

While I personally do not like dongles and think they only hurt honest users, I am not going to argue that point. I will say that using a $1,000 piece of hardware as a dongle seems like overkill. Again, for someone in a new installation for whose installation plan a CueCore makes sense, that is not a big loss. However, for those of us who have no interest in using a CueCore, a $25 hardware dongle would make much more sense. If one has no use for a CueCore, than it is just a waste and benefits no one (unless it really only costs you $25 to make so it is just added profit - which I doubt is the case).

I understand you have a set-up that at the moment requires only software and Art-net. Other users will have different specific requirements. We strive to design a product that covers various scenarios, so it's likely that when we design a DMX interface you would not need every connection it features. The key thing here is - I think - that the product is intuitive and has a good value-for-money ratio.

Again, while I understand that my needs are not the same as those of all other users, your proposed model only works for people who are buying all new gear. Anyone who already has interfaces and only wants to upgrade their control computer and/or software, now has to buy a $1,000 piece of hardware than serves no purpose for them. Again, unless your profit margin on this hardware is unusually high, this benefits neither you nor costumers who wish to upgrade.

Let's wait until we are little further down the line and I can reveal more details about the complete package. Of course, it's my goal to design such a nice controller that it keeps you interested :-)

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