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Author Topic: Help with unresponsive fixtures  (Read 2091 times)

2010 September 16, 09:03:20
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We have a Strand dimmer rack type 0601225 which is connected to a DMX converter brand GRAY. We were unable to patch all of our lights through Cuelux, only some were responsive and others we couldn't even patch. We think the problem is drivers, none of the "Generic" divers worked. Are there any additional drivers available that we could add to try and fix this problem? Our Strand series lighting dimmers can't read DMX which is why we run it through the GRAY converter, is this the reason our lights aren't patching through and are unresponsive? Are there any helpful tips you could give that we could try?
Thank you in advance.

2010 September 16, 09:28:46
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Julien Levaufre

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you should give a list of the dmx chanels you want to use, and this way it will alow to find a compatible fixture or to make a special fixture file.Anyway a driver is the soft part who help the computer to use the usb interface, if whan you turn on cuelux the smal dmx red light is on on your sxreen, you do'nt have any driver problem but only fixture one.
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV

2010 September 16, 09:34:34
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I think it's a hardware issue...

I'm using the generic dimmer-patch also without any problems.

Just some check questions:
Did you test your dimmers with a normal light-desk with DMX output ?
Which DMX converter model are you using from GRAY ?
Is this converter supports your Strand Dimmer protocol ?
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