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Author Topic: iPhone remote, Apple Airport: Tutorial  (Read 10094 times)

October 05, 2010, 03:12:51 PM
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Bart van Wunnik

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This tutorial describes the work flow to configure the Apple network card to create a WIFI network to use with the Cuelux Remote function.

On the Apple computer:
Open the network preferences

Select the Airport card, and chose to create a network.

Give a network name, channel and password and chose OK.

Click on advanced, and go to the TCP/IP tab, set the "Configure IPv4" settings to "Manually"

Change the IP settings as shown in the picture, and click OK.

Click on "Apply" and close the network settings.
note the icon change:

Openup Cuelux and go to the options, Remote tab.
Enable the remote function and check if the IP settings match.

On the iPhone:
Go to settings:

Go to Wi-Fi Networks and select the network that you have just created

Change the IP settings by clicking on the >
Select Static and fill in the same details as shown in the image:

Exit the settings, start Safari and browse to the Cuelux remote, now you should be able to use the remote feature.

And now you are ready to enjoy the iPhone remote :)

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