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Author Topic: Create & integrate new fxt Files in Cuelux  (Read 2160 times)

November 18, 2010, 06:56:01 AM
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Hello again! ;)

We use Cuelux and I want to make a .fxt Test-File for testing some functions of some devices.

I use Cuelux v1.03.14

At first I made a file called "dxmtest.fxt" with the following content:

Code: [Select]
 * Copyright (c)1999-2006 Visual Productions - Netherlands

fixture "DMX-TestDevice1"
    color red       0   0,255
    color green     1   0,255
    color blue      2   0,255
    dimmer msb      3   0,189
        offset      3
        control     190,255
Where must I copy the file?

C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Visual Productions\...
c:\program files\visuals prod.\cueluxx.x\...
and which sub directory is the right one?

And how can I integrate the files to use them with cuelux?

Best regards,
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November 18, 2010, 09:56:20 AM
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Bart van Wunnik

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Hi Tobi,

Thank you for choosing Cuelux as your lighting control software.

Cuelux has a feature that can make the testing of fixtures quite easy.
If you are in Cuelux, select the fixtures that you would like to test, and click on "Cue" then select the "Test Sequence".
Then add the fixtures that you would like to test (these fixtures need to be the same type) and click next to close the wizard.
This will create a cue-list that runs trough all the features of the fixture so you can see if the fixture is responding correctly.

Now you only have to start the cue-list to find out if the fixture is working correctly.

If you would like to install new fixture files, please take a look at this topic.

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