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Author Topic: Visual DMX - Hardware Connection  (Read 2691 times)

2010 December 15, 14:24:08
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I just started using Visual DMX.
My Problem is the connection with my Enttec Open DMX  USB Device. My PC (Windows 7) recognizes it and says everyything looks just fine, but my visual DMX can't detect it. (0 DMX Inputs, 0 DMX Outputs). I installed it like the maual said but it wouldn't work.

I'm thankful for every quick answer.


2010 December 15, 14:47:46
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Do I need the visual productions dmx output or can I use the enttec open dmx usb? I think this could fix my problem. Am I right?

2010 December 15, 14:51:04
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    • Andy Cobben .nl
Hi VD,

VisualDMX is not compatible with the Enttec Open DMX USB Device.
For compatible software, you can take a look at the Enttec website.

For compatible hardware for VisualDMX, you can take a look at the VisualDMX page.

Best regards,


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