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Author Topic: 2002 Serial visual DMX hardware  (Read 6757 times)

2011 February 04, 12:52:55
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Hi I purchased a Visual DMX in about 2002 with serial connection, I had two years of fun with my  Martin Roboscans. I havent used it for about 5 years and now I am having problems.

I have a serial-USB adapter, everything is connected, I have loaded the latest software from your website. I have tested with 1x Abstract Twister 4CE and 1x MAD SPIN, The dip switches are set correctly and the software has detected the RS 232 DMX hardware.

I am not getting a green DMX light on the back of either light unit and nothing is working, cant change the colour, move the morrors or open the shutter. In options i can see the connected device. I cant read what it calls the device because the coloum isnt wide enough, it says DMX version 0.0, chip version 1.05.

The DMX unit has been looked after, with no signs of damage. Is this level of software compatable with such old hardware? I cant find any older level of software. If you can think of something that i am missing. I have tried different DMX leads and different light units.
Many thanks

2011 February 05, 11:53:53
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Maarten Engels

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It seems that VisualDMX is actually communicating well with RS-232 unit. But for some reason there is no successful connection between the RS-232 unit and your lights. It's difficult to tell what is causing that.

We have older versions of VisualDMX on our ftp server at in the folder /releases/windows. You could try out a few just eliminate the possibility of software incompatibility.

If you like to upgrade your RS-232 unit to a USB model then we have special rates for that. Please send us email or a PM for details.

best regards,
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV

2011 February 05, 19:30:29
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Thank you for your reply. I have tried an older version of the software and have the same problem, No DMX signal at the Light unit.

I have had another look at the MAD and Abstract user manuals and the both say, pin 3 cold, pin 2 hot, pin 1 screen. Is this the same as the output from the output from the RS232 unit (old 3 pin XLR)? If not, may be this is the problem. I may need to cross over two pins?

The Martin Roboscan used to work ok, but i dont think i have ever had an Abstract light work. thanks again.

2011 February 07, 15:07:00
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the martin devices used to work with dmx phase reversed.
this means data - and data + reversed.

just use a phase changer which crosses pin2 and 3 and all other devices than martin devices will work


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