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Author Topic: Sound 2 Light with a Midi Clock  (Read 3669 times)

July 25, 2011, 10:44:56 PM
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Hey Guys,

i searched a long time to get auto bpm work in cuelux and i hadn`t found any good desription for this option.

So i tested and tested and tested... Now i want to share my universal way to get it work:

1. It is only possible to get auto bpm work over the midi clock! So you need hardware with a midi clock and an midi output (USB or classic midid output).

2. You need a Midi Controller with a midi input (connect the midi cable from the midi clock with the input). If you have a Controller without a midi input you can use a cheap "USB MIDI Input Output Cable Converter" to get the midi clock signal into the pc.

3. If you use a controller without midi input and a usb midi input/output converter (two sources - one for controlling cuelux and one for the midi clock), you need two software tools to merge the midi signals. The first is a virtual midi source: LoopBe1 ( and the second is the merge tool:

Install the tools and choose in midiox as input source the midi controller and the midi input with the midi clock. The select the virtual midi source as output. In cuelux select the virtual midi source as in and the controller as outpout source.

4. Dont forget to hold down the mouse button on "Tap Tempo" to change from manual to midi mode!


My Setup: Akai APC 40 with a Korg Kaos Pad 3 (midi clock over usb midi) and the two tools.

It really works great!
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July 26, 2011, 08:30:00 AM
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Maarten Engels

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Maarten Engels
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January 31, 2013, 04:41:49 PM
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In some dmx lighting forum I have seen a simular application but they used a free programm called "dmx music visualisation" that sends out a midi signal on the beat of the music that is playing. Then they routed the midi signal to the programm "LoopBe1".
There must be a way to use the loopBe1 as input for cuelux. Are there some smart computer guys to let this work. This will give us an easy to use "sound to light".

I hope to hear a solution.
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April 26, 2013, 08:05:12 AM
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Hey Guys I've found a good and an easy to use solution --->

It also works for Linux-systems


December 13, 2013, 10:28:09 AM
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just downloaded this waveclock but can not seem to set up correctly. Is there anything i do wrong?

Anybody a few steps to set this up??

thx already


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