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Author Topic: Hello to everyone - And a question concerning my lights  (Read 1397 times)

October 17, 2011, 06:47:50 PM
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Hi everyone from beautiful Hannover in northern Germany!

I am currently waiting for my cuelux software to arrive to begin my exploration of the DMX world.
Since 1998 I am a mobile DJ and would like to use Cuelux for my setup and light controlling.

Before it arrives, I would like to know from you beforehand, if in it, I will find prefixes for:

Showlite PAR64 (36x3 Watts LED Can)

CH1-----0-255      Master Dimmer
CH2-----0-255      Red Dimmer
CH3-----0-255      Green Dimmer
CH4-----0-255      Blue Dimmer
CH5-----0-255      Flash
CH6-----0-255      Misc Auto-Mods
CH7-----0-255      Speed Auto-Mods


Showlite ML324F (36x3 Watts LED Moving Head)


Showlite ML3108 (108x3 Watts LED Moving Head)

Thank you for your help!

October 17, 2011, 06:49:35 PM
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Oh and by the way.... what about Prefixes for the "American DJ Quad-Phase"?

Thank you!

October 18, 2011, 10:39:20 AM
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Maarten Engels

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Welcome aboard!

Please find the new Showlite personality file attached. Please also read the instructions at

The American DJ Quad Phase is already present in Cuelux v1.03.28

best regards,
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV


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