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Author Topic: GPI box - Wrong information about USB-powering ?  (Read 2065 times)

December 18, 2011, 05:16:06 AM
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We were in the middle of an installation at a club yesterday, and couldn't get the GPI box working and connecting to VisualDMX.
-Finally we went trying put some 12v power at power input, and then it came to life and worked like a charm.

The data sheet that came with the box says that:
"The GPI features 8 contact-closure input ports and is USB powered."

But your website says following under "Minimal Requirements"
"External PSU 8-12V DC"

You need to get your information synchronized or formulated differently, because it did give for example, us, some headaches ;)

Best Regards

December 18, 2011, 09:26:36 AM
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Zoë Castle

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Dear Lucas

Sorry this has caused you time and frustration in your installation.

We will have a look at the datasheet on Monday, I am not sure why the discrepancy is there...

I hope your installation has gone well, if you would like to share photos for our gallery please do contact me zoe "at" visualproductions "dot" com.

Thank you in advance,  greetings Zoe
Zoë Castle
Sales Manager
Visual Productions BV


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