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Author Topic: Cuety v1.2.2  (Read 1851 times)

April 02, 2012, 09:42:42 AM
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Maarten Engels

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Please download Cuety v1.2.2 to upgrade your CueCore to firmware v1.22.

 *   RELEASE 1.2.2
Release Date  : 2011 March 13
Cuety changes : - Supports IoCore
                - Backup & Restore
                - Change label, time and date of a CueCore running v1.20 did not work
                - Backup dialog now shows a blinking cursor in the edit field.
                - Router field in properties grid.
CueCore v1.22 : - Faster browsing on Windows
                - Switching between Percentage en Decimal mode did not work in the
                  Monitor page.
                - In some cases you could not change the trigger value in an Action.
                - In some cases OSC message sent out by the CueCore were corrupt.
                 - Group names were not saved correctly
                - VisualTouch ColourPickers are now supported
                - 'Toggle' function in a Task did not work when triggered by VisualTouch
                - DMX Input channels are set to 0 when DMX signal is lost
                - DMX Task has new feature 'Spectrum' for controlling a RGB value via a
                  level trigger (e.g. VisualTouch fader or DMX Input)
Maarten Engels
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