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Author Topic: Enable or Disable Port with TCP user-defined string  (Read 59 times)

2024 April 18, 16:06:17
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I have a CueCore 3 that I can control through Ethernet with an Extron IPCP processor.
Port A is always connected to a private control room with DMX software control, Port B is available to “everyone” on stage for guests to send DMX.

I want to programmatically force the CueCore 3 to use only DMX that comes from either Port A or Port B by sending TCP message with "user defined string" from the Extron IPCP processor.
In other words, I want to switch DMX data input from Port A or from Port B (enable one, disable the other and vice-versa).

From the web interface, I configured
]n the Settings tab:
DMX part: "Port A" and "Port B" set with "Input" from the dropdown list.
Port C and Port D set with "Universe A" and "Universe B" for my fixtures.

In the Showcontrol tab:
added and enabled TCP actionlist then added two TCP actions that process this switch:
one triggered by "message trigger type", "INPUT_FROM_A" text string
one triggered by "message trigger type", "INPUT_FROM_B" text string

But I think I misunderstand something about the action parameter because I can just chose
"Link" Feature, "Set" function but "DMX Input" action parameter  with ""universes" choice only.
I'm looking for some kind of "Port A behaviour" to set with "Input", "disabled" or "Universe X"

I loaded the CueCore3 driver in Global Configurator Pro software (Extron) and set click button action to send TCP "User Defined String" message “INPUT_FROM_A”. or “INPUT_FROM_B”. 

Please is it the way to do that ?
Thank you

2024 April 19, 15:13:02
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Bart Wijlens

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You have 2 options to do this:
The easy solution is to change the direction of your dmx ports using the task "set source" of the dmx task. So when you receive "INPUT_FROM_A" you can set DMX_C to "Universe A" and DMX_D to "Input". When you receive "INPUT_FROM_B" you set DMX_C to "Input" and DMX_D to "Universe B".

A bit more difficult solution is to clear the universe that should not be send out, I've attached an example to this post. In this case you'll use a variable that determines which universe should be active. When the variable is 0 universe B is cleared, when the variable is 1 universe A is cleared. The variable can be set using the TCP commands.

I hope the examples are clear and good luck!

2024 April 22, 13:28:36
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Hi Bart,
Thanks for your explanations, while reading you I remember that my logic was wrong so it didn't make sense : I forget that one dmx wire is limited to one DMX universe  ::)

So if I need to use 2 universes at the same time, I need at least two dmx inputs also.
I'll switch to Art-net network input from the private control room but I'll offer 2 DMX XLR sockets for guests.

So my question will be a little different, because now it's not a switch between portA or port B but a switch between art-net input and portA+portB inputs:
How to switch between the two ports A+B and the Art-net inputs ?
My problem is the selection of input data, not the universe to set for a specific output.
The two universes are always available independently to the input,

case 1:
PORT A (DMX IN for universe 1) --TO--> PORT C & D (UNIVERSES A+B)
PORT B (DMX IN for universe 2) --TO--> PORT C & D (UNIVERSES A+B)
force art-net to be disabled in order to avoid any connected stream

case 2:
2 universes 1+2 sent from art-net
physical PORT A (disabled)
physical PORT B (disabled)

Thanks again


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