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Author Topic: Fader Colours Mixing when trying to record cues  (Read 1643 times)

April 25, 2013, 06:35:15 PM
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I am trying to create looks on faders that I can then record as cues, however, everytime I try to do this, the faders don't follow what I put the fader value at, and all my RGB's mix together. 

For example, I am trying to create a scene that I record on a fader 'nighttime' that I then want to be able to manipulate on a fader and record as 'evening' and 'dark'' at different fader intensities as a cue.   Then I want to create a scene 'sunny forest' that also is recorded at different intensities.  Sometimes I need a mix of these scenes.

However, I anytime I play a fader, it is the last colours that come up on my current fader, or if I have the HPT all my RGB's become a strange purple as the colours mix at their maximum intensities.

Is there a settings somewhere that will allow me to bring up Fader 1 a bit, fader 2 at full, record a cue.  And then take a fader 2 down to 10% and record a different cue? 

I want the scene to go up and down when I drag the faders up and down. 

April 26, 2013, 08:50:35 AM
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Julien Levaufre

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WHen you record a cue, the value of the faders in the programmer part will be record.
It means that when you will put the cue on a fader playback and then put teh fader to full, the value will go up until the max value you recorded.
So now if you record in the cue some colors and the dimmer parameter, the fader playback will act only on the dimmer, this way you will have a "color mix" recorded as you want, and with the fader you will be able to turn on /off the lights.
You can then creat an other cue with a different color mix and add it to the cuelist, this way you will just have to click on the play button to change the whole colors.
Julien Levaufre
Visual Productions BV


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