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Author Topic: CueCable Users Options?  (Read 3184 times)

June 27, 2013, 08:28:25 PM
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andrew mcmillan

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I, like many am disappointed that cueluxpro will not work with the cuecables we curently own.
I ask can you reconsider. Possible allowing a cuecable to run in a limited mode, say no arnet, no matrix, ect...

Or is it possible that you will upgrade cuelux with some of these needed features like groups and palates.

June 28, 2013, 10:31:12 AM
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Zoë Castle

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Hi Andrew

I am sorry to hear you are disappointed, but I really do not think you should be! 

In the words of my colleague Maarten:

"Cuelux and CueluxPro are simply two different products; one for small jobs and one for large. In Cuelux we use USB as it is a convenient 'consumer' protocol and for CueluxPro we use the more 'industrial' ethernet.

CueluxPro has never been intended as an upgrade for Cuelux. We will continue Cuelux for many years to come. Actually, after releasing CueluxPro we will merge some of the new technology we have developed back into Cuelux."

We are trying to insure that features relevant to the type of job our products are used on (small or large) are available to the user for that application.  For example, often too many complex features for a user of a low complexity job may cause confusion and frustration rather than aiding them. 

Seems to me that your business and jobs are expanding, congratulations! 
If groups and pallettes are now required by you, for efficient and effective programming, then I would suggest for these jobs you do need to use a more professional level controller than Cuelux....
Of course I would like to suggest you consider CueluxPro, especially as you are already familiar with the basics from your time with Cuelux, but the choice is for you to make….enjoy shopping for you new "professional- level" lighting control software!

If you have any other questions while considering what to do please just ask!

Thank you and greetings Zoe
Zoë Castle
Sales Manager
Visual Productions BV

June 29, 2013, 04:34:14 AM
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Could it be written to output to the CueCable when a CueCore is present. Giving an option for additional output or even extra universe?

July 01, 2013, 12:36:29 PM
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Dennis Kromhout

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No, CP only uses the CueCore as its licensing system and DMX output.
As explained before, Cuelux & CueluxPro are simply 2 different products.

The CueCable is a low cost (non isolated) DMX output containing your Cuelux license. Good for small jobs.
The CueCore has 2 isolated DMX output and contains the CueluxPro license. And it is much more robust for the larger jobs.
Mixing those 2 together is not recommended and thats why it won't be implemented.

If a customer needs specific functions on the Pro version then they should contact their distributer. maybe they can workout a deal or trade-in.
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Dennis Kromhout

July 01, 2013, 02:26:54 PM
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Little upity there Dennis .. have a coffee :)

August 03, 2013, 06:24:45 PM
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I light designer: I'm working on concerts, variety shows, theater, opera, dance the balllet ......

Visual productions will not make an update so that we can use the CueCable with its Pro. It is a trade unfortunately, they just want it acquires new interface if they have programmed the ability to use the CueCable with Cuelux Pro. It's just a matter of will and no possibility or even ability.

For 4 years, I use Cuelux Visual productions and Elation Emulation. This is the same software except that the mark differs. I have done that in order to have two DMX universes without creating interface problem.
They also create a pro version but that is not yet downloaded yet. And in my opinion, Elation has the same commercial policy as Visual Productions forcing people to buy new interfaces. For the Fianal can be no need of different worlds as we Cuelux Pro offers but just zm features like effect generator for dimmers, the number of projectors that can be patched, the ability to call the spotlight by their number chanel ... All this should also be included in Cuelux.

For mastering, I use Madrix. They, unlike Visual Productions and Elation, they have updated their software and can be used both usb, the ethernet, ..... At least they leave the choice to the users! In addition, you can use any other interface than the brand by having a course license. My only regret is that I can not control it with my automatic software and other projectors as mastering. But that's okay it's just a mastering software.

Salutaions informed



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