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2013 July 25, 21:10:11
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Hi there,

I am a happy Cuelux user for one year now, as a professional user, I do not hesitate to use my cuelux based system preferably to the AVO pearl or the GraddMA when no specific request from the artist is given !  Much more easy !!

Naturally, I am now very interested in Cuelux pro and investigating it since a couple of weeks, hereafter some suggestions:

1/ Please write quickly a user manual since I could discover some features by myself but many other are still mysterious (and probably delightful).  A video demo on Youtube would fit as well.

2/ when using the system on tour (always my case), a 15 inch screen is the maximum suitable size.  Then the new screen layout becomes hardly readable.  IT would be fine to have an alternative screen mode where groups / Fixtures / palettes can be displayed separately and full size on the screen, with a button to toggle between them.

Hope you can take this into account and it helps improving the new product,

you're doing a great job, good luck for the future,


2013 July 29, 14:17:47
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Maarten Engels

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Thanks for your feedback. We'll be working on it!
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV


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