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Author Topic: Bugs and wishes  (Read 1437 times)

October 12, 2013, 09:14:08 PM
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I recently started programming a bunch of cuecores and iocores on the CueluxPro and stumbled upon a few things an wishes:

All things on most recent MAC OSX 8 version

 > When changing address 350 on universe 2, by selecting both numbers in the patch window and pressing enter, the information in the popup jumps to 340 and displays the dipswiches according to the faulty address. When cancelling the address stays at 350 in the patch.
This only happens at address 350 in universe 2 for as I have seen.

> When loading a showfile wich is created on a windows 8 pc on the MAC version, the program crashes. This only happend with a fresh instal. I copied the showfile along with the user personalities to a usb stick and placed them in the right directories on the MAC.
When renaming the failing showfile to the same name of the showfile, originally vreated on the mac, the program loads the show fine. after that, loading a different showfile always succeeds.
Maybe a bad file location pointer initially .


> When patching a set of fixtures with different universes available, an address offset would be very welcome. Now the program only paches from the first free address on any universe.
Maybe an onter way is to have the ability to set the universe along with the number of fixtures and then Cuelux Pro start on the first free address on that universe.
> When patching only 99 fixtures can be patched at the same time. I had to patch 141 fixtures (not very common though)
> Naming of custom fixture functions in personalities.
> ability to patch more than 256 fixtures........ (sorry I'm the first one to)
> Apart from fixture names, i would like to see fixture numbers, so the commandline could be upgraded with the functions like: select fixture 1 through 141 (for example) or SET fixtures 1 through 141 COLORPICK RED
> Ability to sort the main patchlist. Now when adding fixtures, the list is sorted in the way fixtures were added. a simple double click on the column name could do a sorting trick, sorting fixture types or universes or more.
> Ability to set the groups window, fixture window or pallet window screen wide. you can hardly read the fixture names now. I now see in the fixture window Pixel....., or maybe let cuelux pro always display the number in the fixture name so it could be like Pix....45. great for selecting groups of fixtures to record them in groups.

Sorry for the long list...

Thanks in advance..

Gerrit Hurkens
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October 17, 2013, 09:52:31 AM
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Dennis Kromhout

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Hello Gerrit,

Thanks for your feedback, we already had plans for most of the functions in the long term.
The custom fixture functions can be given an name (Label) using the Builder utility but try to keep the name (very) short.
Dennis Kromhout


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