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Author Topic: Launchpad issues  (Read 1373 times)

January 02, 2014, 05:25:26 PM
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Boyd Nijsten

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I received my new toy today and there is an issue with midi feedback to the launchpad...
When a playback is assigned, the led wil light up, but when you knockout the playback it stays on.

Now i started programming my own version (midimaps are never good enough for me  ;D )
I made 4 buttons to select a mode, playback buttons, groups, fixtures and palettes. The mode works with enabling/disabling actionlists. It works very well. But I'm missing feedback on those last 3. I like to see the pads light up red when a group/fixture/palette is assigned to a certain button, and green when it is selected (except for palettes)

On PL&S i suggested you to add feedback on the groups. The problem was the order of how the fixture are selected. Are there any thoughts about adding it?

Last thing i wish to know is, are there solo bundles coming? I really hope to see them jn the future!

Thank you!


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