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Author Topic: Fader start question.  (Read 1152 times)

May 15, 2014, 02:01:30 PM
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bart sliggers

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Concerning fader start,

The manual mentions :
With Fader start enabled, the playback will automatically be triggered when the corresponding fader is
being moved up or the Flash button is pressed.

Current behaviour is not exactly like stated in the manual.
Cue is only started if the fader is moved up from the start zero.
If the cue was released halfway (because it was bundled or for some other reason) I have to move the fader back to zero to start the cue.

Also, when a cue is started, and faderstart is on, I can release the cue by quickly touching zero.
But if I move the fader up fast enough, the cue is not restarted as it should.

Is this common light-desk behaviour?
Because i have visual-touch faders controlling playback faders.
At startup faders don't seem to work because the 'actual' cueluxprofaders might be in random positions.
Slowly bringing them down and up makes them work again.
((This is pretty counter-intuitive for laymen-people only used to VT !!))

I fixed this by disabling faderstart and adding an extra go+ task, but it feels like a workaround.

Please add to the manual that faderstart only works from the start, Or...
Let every fadermovement activate the assigned cue.


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