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Author Topic: Upgrade from CueLux to CueCore and B-station setup in our Entrance/Foyer  (Read 3521 times)

May 21, 2014, 08:28:13 PM
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Hello All,

After 3,5 years, we where think about to upgrade the DMX setup in our Entrance/Foyer.
Here a link to our old setup:
The main thing was that we where looking for a stand-alone system.
My choice was to use again the hardware from VisualProductions  ;)

Here our new setup:
For our basic light-control we will use one B-station.
In the B-station I have programmed some Cue's and combined all Cue's with the buttons.
It was a bit more playing with the Patch, to get all the lights work correctly.
Here some pictures:

(Screenshots coming later)

If we have a event/party ore a festival, we will use one CueCore to operate all the lights.
As software I will use MagicQ from Chamsys, because this is more a Pro theater Lightdesk interface. (HOG II based)
More info about MagicQ:
CueluxPro works fine, but it's at this moment not my first choice. (sorry to say this)
I've programmed both software for our setup, so my colleagues can make there own choice.

To let the CueCore work together with MagicQ, there are some things to program/setup the right way.
NetworkSetup on the Mac:

All Settings on the CueCore:

- First I've added a new template "ArtNet -> DMX" in CueCore Show Control.

This template is necessary to convert all Artnet commands send from MagicQ to both DMX outputs A and B.

- In MagicQ I've activated two Artnet Universes and give them a name CueCore A and CueCore B

And I've changed the Network settings in MagicQ to the same IP adresse range from our CueCore.

Here some views from MagicQ:

Here two VirtualTouch ScreenViews:

In this page it's possible to record and store a new cue for each fader.
As record source I'm using the Artnet input.

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With Best Regards,

May 22, 2014, 11:05:16 AM
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Maarten Engels

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hi Marten,

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the pics :)
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV

May 22, 2014, 05:36:36 PM
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Hello Maarten,

Thanks for your reaction...
I've updated post one with some pictures and print screens.
The print screens for the B-station will follow later... (theres now something happen in our Foyer)
With Best Regards,


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