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Author Topic: When not able to connect to the CueCore  (Read 2294 times)

August 28, 2013, 11:56:59 AM
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Dennis Kromhout

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When you're unable to select a CueCore as output (IP address stays yellow).
Then check your network configuration and make sure your DNS server is set.
If you don't have a DNS server then set it to your own IP

Note: This issue is solved in v1.3.48
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Dennis Kromhout

June 18, 2014, 12:56:45 AM
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Mike van de Lagemaat

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I am able to connect with my cue core and make a preset in console, but I am not able to connect my Cue Core to Cue Lux Pro. I use a Mac Book Pro with OS 10.9 ( Maverick). If I use vManager it does see my Cue Core but without info like Ip adress, time etc. It also cuts outs the connection with the Cue Core and repeats the connection after a few seconds. So, I can't control anything with Cue Lux Pro. Any suggestions?

June 18, 2014, 10:26:00 AM
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Zoë Castle

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Hi Mike - it has been a long time since we spoke and another company (No more Rosco paints for me but Visual Productions lighting controllers now :)  Haarlem is a small world and it is great to hear you are using our products, thank you!

I think this should help your issue with CueCore and CueluxPro - we have made a fix having spent some time trying to reproduce the problem some customers, like you, were experiencing. You just need to update your system now with the new vManager version & CueCore firmware and it should all work.

There is a new vManager v1.3.68 available from it contains:
- CueCore firmware v1.72
- IoCore firmware v1.27
- B-Station firmware v1.13

These new firmwares are beta-versions and are expected to be published on our download-page in a few weeks time.

Any problems please just call me, groetjes Zoe

Zoë Castle
Sales Manager
Visual Productions BV


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