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Author Topic: A/V Led-installation.  (Read 2175 times)

2014 June 19, 13:52:25
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Hi! I've been studying audiovisual art & productions for three years in Falun, Sweden. We have created a series of Audiovisual installations containing different projektionmappings with intermodal audio.

We had the idea of creating an installation with LED lights and are now i the end process.

So, we will record a dmx track (is that even what it's called?) to the Cue Core box and now i want to add sound that has to start at the exakt same time as the dmx track.
How should i proceed?
One thought would be to send a midi note from the Cue Core box via a midi-interface into a computer starting ableton live.
Another one would be to do the opposite. Let ableton live send a midi note to the cue core box to trigger the start of my recording.

But i'm pretty green on DMX and this software so maybe there is another way?

Notice that, this installation will be at an exhibition for 2 months so i would also like to create a simple way of starting/stoping it.

Please help with some advice on this.

2014 June 20, 13:16:39
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Maarten Engels

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You are on the right track here :)

I would recommend interfacing the CueCore with your audio-system via MIDI. You can decide who the 'master' and who the 'slave' is as the CueCore can both send and receive MIDI.

A simple way of starting/stopping the show can be achieved with a simple mechanical switch connected to the GPI port of the CueCore. In case when the audio-system is master then I would have the CueCore 'translate' this switch-GPI to MIDI, so that the audio-system can be triggered to start/stop.

have fun!
Maarten Engels
Visual Productions BV


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