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October 23, 2014, 10:48:21 AM
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I downloaded the latest version. I installed it and I've updated the Cuecore.

I saw that there was a new shape in each effects.

Right now, I'm testing the Matrix and its effects.
I positioned the fixtures in Layout and I created different areas of different size on my Layout.
I have created different sequences using different parameters of the Matrix (dimmer, position, color, gobo2, gobo2 rotation, speed gobo2, gobot2 attack and density gobo2).
When I run my sequences at the beginning, everything works fine. After a moment, unfortunately, the Cuelux Pro software bug and not answer for. It remains blocked, the screen is frozen and all my fixtures go out. The only solution for me is to close Cuelux Pro and relaunch. I tried a dozen times and always the same: the software crashes. I do not know what to do.

Iris effects are still not working.

It would be nice to have an option to symmetry images of gobos.

All gobos2 do not react at speed, to attack and density.

I think the rendering is great for gobo2 against rendering gobo3 is pretty bad. The problem is already in the fact that they do not occupy the entire surface of my layers. The zoom level of gobo3, there is a problem, in fact the image of gobo3 aggrandit is not: it is not a zoom but just a square iris shape. It's strange because for gobos2, zoom really a zoom effect.

It would be nice to create an option that allows to visualize only the fixtures.
Let me explain: at present the summary in the Matrix allows you to view the Base which is the general area where we want to position our servants at stamping fixtures. The problem is that the summary does not correspond to reality because I do not have any fixtures installed on the surface of the base. For the Summary is realistic, it would have to take account of the places that are empty.
If you know the MADRIX software, inside there is a preview option which is called Patch Mask. In this option you can select Transparent or Opaque. Being opaque viewing area headlamps installed on the embossing is transparent while the total viewing area of the embossing.
So that when one is Transparent, we're at home in the Summary, by cons when going in Opaque was a realistic visualization of the effects. So an option like this one on Cuelux would be welcome.

In playback, you still can not define the layout of the memories contained in the banks of faders and buttons? What was possible and practical Cuelux so why not do the same in Cuelux pro? Because right now the only thing we can do in the Playback is adding pages of faders and buttons, and given a name.

Otherwise, I also Vizi Spot LED Pro, with four prisms, and the problem is that he always has a little problem with the selection of prisms in the Programmer:
When I select the first prism, it jumps to the second prism.
When I want to select the second lens that jumps to fourth prism.
When I select the third or fourth prism prism there is no problem.
The prism break problem occurs in the selection of the prism and also when I press record once the selected prism.

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