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2015 March 20, 16:55:36
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Maarten Engels

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Cuety has a large library of personality files built in. It is possible, however, that a lighting fixture you wish to control does not exist our library. If you like to add a new personality file to Cuety then you can request via our forum at Please make sure you mention that it is required for Cuety and you have to include a link to the fixture’s manual.

Alternatively you can create your own personality file by using the vBuilder software. This tool can be downloaded from our website at In order to create the personality and use it in Cuety you have to make the following steps:
- Create the personality file (the vBuilder is explained in the last chapter of the Cuelux manual)
- Press the “Cuety Export” button (this requires vBuilder v1.3.88 or higher)
- go to the folder User/Visual Productions/vBuilder
- copy the file “user.personality” to your Cuety App:
   - iOS: Transfer by using iTunes
   - MacOS:  The right folder can be reached by pressing 'OPTIONS' => 'FOLDER' (bottom right corner)
   - Windows 10: <User>\Documents\Visual Productions\Programmer
   - Android: /<device>/Internal storage/Visual Productions/Programmer
- kill and restart the App (personality files are only loaded at startup)

Now you can select the personality from the listing in Cuety’s patch menu.

It is also explained in the video:
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