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Author Topic: Visual Feedback in Touch-OSC. To many OSC- Commands?  (Read 2234 times)

April 29, 2015, 10:46:31 AM
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Hi there,

PCB serial number 201551104
PCB Version 1.06
Firmware: 1.81

This is my task:

I have 12 Buttons on hexlers Touch-OSC and even 12 leds for optical Feedback.
But: Let my explain in Cuelux-Language: these 12 buttons should be a bundle, so only one could be activated.
For the DMX-Control, there was no problem:
I wrote an Actionlist, that clears all 12 Channels. This action will be started at first, everytime i push a button.

But it doesn't work with the OSC-sent. :(
Same procedure, but not all off the leds get off.

What i do wrong? Is OSC not fast enough to to these 6 tasks in one action?

Thanks for help.

Greetings from Hamburg



 your Cuefux

May 08, 2015, 11:34:26 AM
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Jurriën de Klerk

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Dear Rainer,

I just rebuild your setup. What I see is that the 6 upper left buttons do as you explain. When I push a button, all LEDs  go out and only the one LED above the button I push turns on.

The 3 lower left buttons do turn on a LED, but these LEDs are never turned off. If I look in the action lists of the CueCore I don't see an action task that sends the Osc message to perform this action. I can, however, add it these tasks.

I think I miss understood something in you question, since I though that this is what you want to achieve, but this seems to work for me. Maybe you can give a little bit more detail on what you want to achieve and/or what does not work?
Kind regards

Jurriën de Klerk
Visual Productions BV

May 08, 2015, 12:08:04 PM
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Hi there, thanks fpr feedback.

You've answered my question subconscious  ;)

Only the first 6 LEDs should turon off and only the selected should turon on. ( this was in the programm so far...)

You say: programming was fine and cuecore does that we want. :)
So, when it doesnt work on my desk, i'm not as stupid as i'm thinking. Maybe it's the composition of my hardware:

Ipad- mini  -> via "thunderboldt-ethernet-WLAN-brige" through my Macbook to the network (router,- repaeter,firewalls,and some kind of stuff like that ) -> to cuecore (aktion->aktionlist->sent OSC) and all the way back to the Ipad.

So i will try it with a >>simple-network<<

Thanks a lot. Greetings to Maartin and Zoe

 your Cuefux


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