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Author Topic: Cuety bugs/problems  (Read 1972 times)

July 22, 2015, 08:19:42 PM
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I am an experienced Cuelux user, and for the last days I started also to use Cuety. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems. I am currently using Cuety v.1.02 with LPU with 1.03 firmware.

The following descriptions are for a show with only 10 American DJ Mega Tripar Profile Plus, 10 channel mode.

1. Active playbacks become inactive when entering the Edit mode. For example, I have a playback that sets the Intensity channel at 100% (playback 49). I press the playback button and the console outputs 100%. When I try to Edit another playback (for example a colour playback), as soon as I hit Edit, the DMX value on the intensity channel goes to 0. I was expecting them to remain at 100%, and this to be shown in the programmer. But in the programmer it is at 0. As soon as I hit Back and exit Edit Mode, the Intensity channel snaps back to 100%. Is this the intended behaviour?

2. I have some playbacks (more precise some locations) that do not work at all. I record something in a single cue in a playback (for example a colour) and it doesn't work. Then I delete the cue, make a new one, still doesn't work. When I try to Load the Cue, all the selected fitures deselect themselves, as if nothing was in the cue. This happens only with some locations, some of them that have been used/swapped before, but some of them used for the first time. The problem seems to be that the Record button doesn't work for those playbacks (for example playbacks 1, 2 or 12 in the show file; playbacks 7, 8, 15 and 16 are working fine).

I have attached the showfile. The personality seems to work OK on Cuelux, I have used it at two events with no problems.

Thank you very much!

July 24, 2015, 10:12:33 AM
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i've experienced the same problems (i'm using the same versions) as Istrateo:

I programmed the show on my customer's iPad, then used mine to do some editing at home (swapping the playbacks to reorganize the layout, and renaming some of them), reopening it into the LPU-1 and then using the customer's iPad to control it.

1) At the beginning, no playbacks were working:  the playbacks were not working at all, and when i tried to edit, it was like if nothing was stored in the cue (the cue and the devices were not red-colored), and if i tried to load the cue, nothing was happening and the devices auto-deselected themselves.
2) I tried then to open in the LPU a "backup" show which i made before the editing "at home", and after many attempts, i could finally start to use the show, but still with some not working playbacks, and with the same problems on some of them (not red cue and devices, nothing stored on the cue and auto-deselecting devices when loading a cue into the programmer).

As Istrareo said, it seems that this is happening when a playback is swapped, and only in some positions.

I'm using LPU-1 with the last firmware, and i'm controlling 8 Showtec Pixelbar 12.



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