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Author Topic: Multiple / two midi devices in cuelux. Behringer BCF2000 & Novation Launchpad  (Read 2197 times)

August 06, 2015, 08:11:44 PM
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Hi everybody,

I spent my summer vacation wisely... I managed to let cuelux work with mutiple midi devices. In this case on a Mac and with the Behringer BCF-2000 (to control the faders) and the Novation Launchpad (for control of the 64 playback buttons.
It has done before on this forum for Windows (With the midi-ox program). Unfortunately, it is nog there for the Mac.

Please give me feedback and send me a message if you want to have the midi file! I hope a lot of people like this post ;D.

What you need (and I've done) to come (on a MAC!) to the perfect setup of cuelux in my opinion:

  • buy the BCF 2000 and Novation Launchpad
  • make a new midimap for cuelux
  • re-route midimaps with the free program "midi patchbay"
  • (optional but it gives "the perfect finisch" to the program: get a touch screen with driver!

Where to begin:
Step 1; re-route midi with midi patchbay

Download the program via
Start the program "audio/midi configuration" in OSX. Next, go in the window menu to "midi-studio".
Doubleclick on "IAC control file". Add with the big "+" 2 midi ports and call them "cuelux in" and "cuelux out".

Install and start Midi Patchbay. Choose File; New. Make two patches by "Add patch". Turn the first one on and select at the right of the screen "IAC Cuelux out" at Midi input, and "Lauchpad S" at midi output. Take the second patch and choose "IAC Cuelux out" at Midi input and "BCF2000" at Midi output. Now save this file on your desktop and call it "cuelux out".

Make a new file in midi patchbay. Again, make two patches. At the first one, choose at the input "BCF 2000" and at output "IAC cuelux in". Select the second patch and choose "Launchpad S" at the input on your right and "IAC cuelux in" at the output. Now save the file at your desktop as "cuelux in".

You have to keep these two files (cuelux in and cuelux out) runnig when you're using the Cuelux light program with the two devices! Most of the time I'll minimize them, then you even do not notice there running.....

Step 2; select the IAC files in cuelux

Start cuelux. Do you have you're two files of midi patchbay running!?? Now, go to "options"-->"midi.
Select the "in-machine": IAC cuelux in. Select as "out-machine": IAC cuelux out.

Step 3; The midimap

I made a new midimap, where I put come comment in the file so you can understand it. It's a big file now, because most of the separate midimaps of de BCF en Launchpad are put together in one file. I think it is to much to put all the code here! Maybe someone can help me where I can stall the file properly, or send me a message that I can mail the file to you!
I've given the file the name "midiBCF&launchpad.xml", but you can call it what you want... Put the file in the correct folder: Save it in to you home folder in the finder, then choose Visual Productions --> Cuelux --> Midimaps --> User.
You have to restart the Cuelux light program to make the midimap findable. After restarting go to options / midi again. And, now select as midimap: "User:MichielGerringa" (I've given it my own name, how original ;).

That's it! Enjoy it. As you can see, I reprogrammed a lot. Nice things by my opinion:
  • stack/release/record/load/delete as buttons in de launchpad at the top row
  • next to it, fog / strobe and blider
  • on the BCF, tempo and tempo break at the bottom right
  • and very cool: select the different bank with one click: use the buttons below the rotary controllers on the BCF

For me, this is the perfect setup. But please: keep me informed what you have changed to make it maybe even better!

And, the last step; yep, buy yourself a touch screen!
I've got a IIyama T2336. A 23 inch, with is perfect! Is there no driver for MAC with it? No problem, I mailed the guys fromTouchBase in the UK. They can make a driver for each touchmonitor! Really, it's worth that few dollars!! You never need a mouse or keyboard again!

Enjoy CUELUX now in perfect combination with two fantastic devices! Motorized faders, 64 playback buttons in one sight, touchscreen. Guys at Visual Productions, Keep up the good work!


Michiel Gerringa (Netherlands)

Coming soon: I'm going to try to make a video of what I've done above so you can see it work. I'll keep you informed how you can find it on youtube in the near future!

August 10, 2015, 12:17:01 PM
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