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Author Topic: Wishlist & DJ-Problems with STROBE  (Read 1147 times)

October 09, 2015, 03:16:43 PM
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Hi there,

I have a small wishlisr for one off the next cuelux updates:

My DJ-friends and custumers have some Movingheads in there fixture list and they want to use the Global-STROBE Button.
So far, so good. If we put the fixtures into the STROBE-Group, they do want a strobe does (gobo-open;whit; and shutter)

First wish: Is it possible to get a setting for the maximum value for this strobefunction? ( Atomic strobe / LED-Par and MH haven't the same speed at 100% (global-button)

Currently, i build a work-around while using the vbuilder and cut the maximum Strobe-Channel-Value. but that is very inconvenient
(vbuilder / save / open cuelux / test / close / vbuilder / try another value / save ..... ) to find a simualar stobe value

The DJ-Guys also whant to start a show and push the strobe-funktion in the right moment of the song, without changing the MH- Colour/ Gobo etc.

So second wish: to stop my second work-around (cue with only strobe-values on Flashbutton) it would be nice to have a global setting for what should happen in the strobe-group

And last but not least i find a problem with all my workarounds:

I create a 1CH fixture that is called "MovingHead-Strobe", lower the max-value and patch it in cuelux on the same channel as the strobe-funtion from the MH. Then, certainly, the Adress gets red, because of colision.
I put only the Strobe-fixture in the Strobe-Group. (should work)

But now, the MH-fixtures are bugged in the "Programmer"  :(

Anyone a soloution for that.

Greetings from Hamburg


 your Cuefux


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