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Author Topic: Can't choose the right mode! Involight OB 320  (Read 1064 times)

November 14, 2015, 06:22:48 PM
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i want to use the Involight OB 320 in der 26 chanels mode, but i can't choose the 26 chanels mode in cuety.

I downloaded the vBuilder and wanted to create die 26 chanels mode, but it already exist in the vBuilder. But when i do an export, i can't find the 26 chanles mode in the user.personality.

What do i wrong?

November 15, 2015, 03:58:03 PM
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Julien Levaufre

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this is because the mode you want to use use subfixtures for each pixel of the fixture. As cuety do not manage subfixtures the vbuilder do not export this mode to cuety fixture file.
If the subfixtures are just rgb pixels you can use generic rgb par to patch in cuety.
Julien Levaufre
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