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May 20, 2016, 11:03:46 AM
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Ik had een vraag over de datasnelheid van de Curecore. Wat is de snelste snelheid die de Cuecore aan kan in milliseconde en over welke kabelafstand kan dit nog gegarandeerd worden? Is dat bijvoorbeeld 100ms over 300 meter of  25 ms over 300 meter? Als ik dus een lichtelement heb op bijvoorbeeld 300 meter afstand en ik schakel deze van aan naar uit, hoe lang duurt het voordat hij dit doet?


May 20, 2016, 11:43:32 AM
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Jurriën de Klerk

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Hello Stefan,

Just to understand the question right; you are using DMX to switch lights on and off and are wondering on the latency from the memoent the CueCore receives a trigger until the actual result arrives at the fixture, correct?
As you wonder about the cable length, it will definitely increase the overall latency, but I think, as long as you stay within the DMX specs, this increase will be within 1 ms and is not noticeable. The latency, from receiving to sending, within the CueCore is max 25 ms (40 fps), assuming its keeping up with the processing load it has to handle. If a CueCore has many things to do at the same time it might have trouble keeping up and then the latency might be longer.
I hope that this answers your question,
Best regards,

Jurriën de Klerk
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