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October 27, 2016, 12:17:16 PM
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When in Slave mode - does the slave run the same content as the master? Or can I order a specific slave to jump to a cue, through show control actions in the master - without any of the other slaves giving a damn?

October 27, 2016, 02:01:33 PM
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Guido Visser

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Hello ljos

The master/slave mode is used when you want multiple units to do the same thing.
If you want to control unit 1 from unit 2 without unit 3 to do anything you can use show control.

Lets say you want to control unit 1 from unit 2.

You will have to create a task in unit 2 to send a message to unit 1.
An OSC message should work for this.
Then in unit 2 you should configure a playback to start when the message from unit 1 is received.

Please note that you can select which messages unit 1 should respond to, using the trigger value.
Using different messages for unit 1 and 3, you can control them separately from one unit.

Best regards,
Guido Visser
Visual Productions BV


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