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Author Topic: Cuelux R.I.P. / Cameo DVC4 is born  (Read 982 times)

November 24, 2016, 10:33:38 PM
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will you continue developing Cuelux or is it finished.
Because its I cant see it anymore in the heading of your website.
I.m using Cuelux since 2011 and i,m very happy with it, but now seems like the development has stopt.
Best regards
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November 25, 2016, 09:00:45 AM
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Zoë Castle

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Hi Steffen

Cuelux is very much alive and kicking!

Thank you for for being a user since 2011 - that must mean Cuelux has been perfect for your needs! 

We are still developing Cuelux alongside our other products.  If you go to the dedicated website or our main website you will see that Cuelux is still well and truly part of the family.

I think you refer to the "quick-links" at the top of this forum page - yes maybe Cuelux should be added back or it made clearer where to go for more info on on all our products, thank you for that observation!

Greetings Zoë

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Zoë Castle
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November 27, 2016, 08:53:18 PM
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The point is: Cuelux isn't updated frequently enough….
Last one is from july 2016…
Please face THAT fact.
Thank you for working on the next update
best regards


November 28, 2016, 05:49:30 PM
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Obi Hamburg

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I  think your focus is on Cuelux pro or other projects, But definitely not on Cuelux.

With every update there are new bugs  and  important improvements like the touch Keyboard failure and others will not fixed.

After every Update there are a lot of feedback out of the Forum with Problems, wishes and Bugs - your comment in the most Cases : "we try to fix it" / "send it do the developement Team" or 
"put it on the Wishlist", but nothing happens...

That`s pity!


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