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2017 January 09, 22:27:00
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is there some one who can tell me how to map up all the dmx channel to the cuety program.?
i got this fixture from the zip file on this forum manufactor venture-light product Shirley mk II
i have loadet into my  builder on my computer and its look rights when i see the mapping between my figture from the vendor on what some one have 
i export it to my ipad. and load it into the cuety program. everythings look fine., when i try to make a program i dont have acces to all the feature in the movinghead.
this movinghead can make prisme at 3 deferent way normal, 3, and 8 facet. i can se from the builder that channel 5 is reservatet to that,. but the fader is not active.
in the cuety program..
does anyone have a solution for that?

BR Morten

2017 January 10, 09:18:03
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Michael Chiou

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Hello @Morten,

Cuety is designed for entry level lighting control, that means that some Pro functionality cannot be supported by Cuety. For more demanding programming you can check Cuelux or CueluxPro.

With kind regards,

Michael Chiou
Visual Productions BV


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