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Author Topic: Waterproofing/corrosion-proofing QuadCore etc  (Read 809 times)

February 14, 2017, 10:07:19 AM
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Has anyone ever used RayTech gel or other electronics insulating/waterproofing gel to secure an installation in harsh climates?
I am doing an installation in an old iron/sulphur mine, where everything gets eaten by the corrosive environment. Even aluminium gets chewed through within a year or two.

So I was thinking I could drop an IoCore and a QuadCore into IP65 boxes and cover them with Electro Gel, to make the control system fully IP7x, with only cables sticking out..

I mean, if thereĀ“s no significant heat generated (or is there?), it should be all good, or not?

Send demo unit and I will test :D

February 14, 2017, 01:51:45 PM
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Guido Visser

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Hello ljos,

We have not tried to make a unit waterproof, and we do not have any experience with the Gel.

However if the unit is in a large enough box which is water proof the unit should work.
Please note that the unit does heat up, and the unit may stop working if the temperature gets above 50 degrees celsius.

But maybe another user has tried to waterproof a unit?

Best regards,
Guido Visser
Visual Productions BV


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