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Author Topic: Dump in 2 QuadCore´s 8 Universes Problem & Artnet Universe Input Receive Problem  (Read 1317 times)

May 05, 2017, 09:24:29 AM
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Hello everybody.
I have the following installation:
2x QuadCore V1.15
8 Uniserves - 2 of them with Artnet output
OSC IPad Remote

In the installation I have different ambient spotlights on different universes.

Most of it is on the QuadCore 1 (Master, Universe 4, copy on Artnet,
The others on QuadCore 2 (Slave, Universe 2.

If I create a Playback in the CueluxPro with all ambient headlights everything works fine.

Now I want to save this playback in the memory of the Quadcores Track 1.

The problem is:
If I enter Dump Pb1.1 1, the question comes to the Framerate. It does not matter, it's about Isolate Chanel.
I just want to save the value of these Ambiete spotlights, no more values ​​like home position or color.

If I dump the playback with "Isolate", the track view in the Master Quadcore Web Interface shows a track size in kb, but the Quadcore Playback does not give the headlights.

Track size in the slave is empty.

Problem in Slave Quadcore: Playback 1 - Cue 1 is not displayed.
If I disable "control by master" and manuel add another cue, Cue doubles cue one .... very crazy.

Now my question:

How is it possible to upload a Playback from CueluxPro over multiple Cores and several Universes so in the Quadcore memory that I can then retrieve the internal Playbacks and everything works without CueluxPro?

Is "Dump" the content written in both QuadCores?
Can I enter an IP address of the Quadcores with "Dump"?
How can I prevent other values ​​like Pan / Tilt Home from being saved?

Next problem:
CueluxPro is open and controls the show.
Now I would however with an external desk over Artnet on 5 of 8 Universes access.

Memories - Artnet Input Sub 0.0 to Action:
Artnet Input control value DMX 1: 2

If I take as a trigger a channel, the Artnet input is displayed to me.
But I want to control the Complete Universe via Artnet.
Trigger Receive does not work here unfortunately. Wanted or a bug in Cuelux-Pro?

If CueluxPro is closed, I can directly access the QuadCores via Artnet and everything works ... I would also like to realize in CueluxPro.

Many questions and I hope for a good answer.
Many Thanks

May 15, 2017, 09:34:59 AM
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Michael Chiou

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Hello @nikilights,

To answer your first question, you can dump a playback over multiple Cue/Quadcores. CueluxPro will dump the content to each device according to your patch settings. If you do not record any pan/tilt activity, CueluxPro won't dump anything regarding pan/tilt.

Quick example:  If you have FIXTURE A patched at UNIVERSE A of the Cuecore and FIXTURE B patched at UNIVERSE B of the Quadcore, CueluxPro will only dump the content for FIXTURE A in the Cuecore and only the content for FIXTURE B in the Quadcore.

Now for your second question,
Memories - Artnet Input Sub 0.0 to Action:
You have to set the Input Sub. For example if you meant sub universes, you need two Artnet sources, one set as Artnet Input Sub 0.5 and one Artnet input Sub 0.8.



Michael Chiou
Visual Productions BV


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