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Author Topic: GPI that triggers only once  (Read 1619 times)

October 06, 2017, 08:40:14 AM
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Hi guys and gals,

I have a question for you, how can I programm a GPI contact on CC2 that triggers only once and had to be ‘reset’ to be able to trigger again? (Searching for a themepark solution)

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October 06, 2017, 09:27:42 AM
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Michael Chiou

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Hello @ERC,

You can do what you want with a couple simple steps.

1. In the GPI Actionlist you will add an Action.
2. In that Action add a task of type Actionlist.
3. Set the first parameter of the task to Actionlist: GPI, the second parameter to off,  the feature to enable, and the function to set
4. (optional if you wanna enable the Actionlist on reset/startup) Add a new Actionlist of type system and add an action.
5. repeat steal 2 and 3 but set the second parameter to on.

I have also attached a simple show file with this setup for inspiration.



Michael Chiou
Visual Productions BV


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