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2017 November 15, 12:16:55
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Michael Chiou

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Hello everyone,

This topic is to help you with some guidelines when it comes to the Android devices and Cuety.

Android version:
 - Cuety will run on Android 5.1 and higher.

 - For optimal user experience we recommend that you use a tablet of 8 Inch screen or bigger. Smaller screen tablets will still run Cuety.
 - The best screen resolution is would be 2048 by 1536 pixels. Smaller screen resolutions are supported.
 - The best screen ration is 4:3. Different screen ratios will still work.

 - Cuety is available for some android phones with big screens and resolutions.
 - The phone must have at least a 6 Inch screen, and an HD screen resolution (1920 by 1080 pixels) or higher.

Tested devices
In the list below are devices that we have tested Cuety:
 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
 - Lenovo Tab 3 A7 Essential
 - Samsung Galaxy S5
 - Samsung Galaxy S6
 - Samsung Galaxy S7
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Michael Chiou
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2018 July 06, 09:19:23
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Hello! I have a question about the android app. I have made a show on my PC with the Cuety progammer app. If i then open Cuety Remote on my Ipad I can see the show and save it but if i open the Cuety Remote app on my Galaxy S7 (which is running app version 1.3) I cant see any of the saved shows. How can I fix this? (My Cuety is running on firmware 1.17)

Also: if I make a new show on the Ipad en open it on my pc, I cant see the saved show but he just open the last show and then I can save it. Now the show seems to be saved on the PC and not on the Cuety itself. Is there a way to change this?(to see the Ipad made shows on the PC and the PC made shows on the Ipad)

- Update: I have tried the cuety control app on a Samsung Xcover4 and it i can see the last programmed file! But still not on my Galaxy S7...
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2018 July 09, 14:20:08
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Michael Chiou

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Hello @RubenRm,

A couple of things that you might be misunderstanding:

    - There are 2 Apps, Cuety and Cuety Remote.
    - With the Cuety app you can program and save files locally on that device.
    - With the Cuety Remote app you can control the show that is already loaded on the LPU that you have selected.
    - The show lives inside the LPU, when you save a file locally you just create a local backup of the show that exists in the LPU, thats why the files in your PC will not appear in any Cuety apps, unless you create them or copy them.

I would recommend that you download the manual for Cuety from our website. I would also recommend that you check our video tutorials that are listed here:


Michael Chiou
Visual Productions BV


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