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Author Topic: Patches and fixtures do not show up on opened file  (Read 679 times)

November 16, 2017, 07:38:32 AM
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We run Cuety/ Emulation touch 1 with 5 par LED and 4 Spot movers. For some reason one of our managers decided to press the mode buttons on the Par LEDs to turn them on and now nothing is working which way it was a few days ago. I open Cuety and make sure the hardware is selected and then open the saved file/show. It shows that it's loaded and but all the patches and fixtures and scenes are not showing up. I am not the LD that set up/programmed the lights so I do not know how it was set up originally. Any suggestions on how to recover the scenes and have the lights work the way they did before the manager pressed the mode buttons?
Thanks in advance

November 16, 2017, 09:24:03 AM
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Michael Chiou

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Hello @Eman79,

Do you mean the mode button on the fixtures? If so we can't do much to help you there, maybe check the manual of the fixtures and how to set them back to default mode.

For Cuety, I would recommend restarting the LPU, and the Cuety and check that the connection is good.


Michael Chiou
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